TLS by Design employs a seasoned team of furniture-making professionals. In addition to craftsmen and seamstresses with 15-50+ years of experience, TLS has an apprentice program where we bring in less experienced employees to learn alongside those who have spent their entire lives making quality furniture.

Located in Portland, IN, TLS is in the midst of a region known for both woodworking and upholstery making. In addition to our team of full-time employees, we have access to a large pool of experienced part-time workers who help us meet demands when we receive larger hospitality or university projects.


Jeffrey Berkshire

Mill Shop


Susan Betts



Rickie Burkholder



Melinda Elston

Head Cutter, Seamstress and Quality Control

Over 20 Years of Industry Experience 


Chad Funk



Karen Hines

Upholstery and Sewing 


Todd Howerton

Upholstery and Sewing 


Dan Hunley

Head of Mill Shop, Inventory and Purchasing 


Faith Lowrance



Jason McAbee

Mill Shop 

Roger Mullenkamp

Chief Mechanic.  Mill Shop and Upholstery Craftsman. 

Over 40 Years of Industry Experience

Responsibilities: Maintaining Machinery, Mill Shop Craftsman and Outsiding


Jason Saxman



Ryan Skirvin

Head of Upholstery and Product Development and Planning